Sooner than you Think

When you try to find a way to do something fast. You will probably spend more time finding the way rather than Actually doing something. So follow the Long road Fast and you will get there sooner than you think.



Spend some more quality time.

As teenagers, we are having more and more to do every day. School, responsibilities, social media, watch our favorite programs, play our favorite video games, run errands, go to other activities rather than school and much more. We tend to achieve all of these in less than 24 hours and that seems to be a huge achievement (and it is!). But did we really focus on ourselves, look after our brain, body, self-esteem?

In this post, we will be focusing on your phones, since everyone has one. Make sure you’ve got some free space to download these applications.

1. Journal & Note Taking

Keeping a journal on your notebook, or your phone can be something helpful these days. You can keep all of your thoughts in one place, organized and you can never lose it (except if you want it, of course). We’ve gathered some applications, that will help you keep your thoughts!

1.1. Evernote

This note taking application has left history, it takes your notes, and it securely stores them in your account. It is completely free and it has iPhone and Android applications.

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1.2. Awesome Note 2

Although it’s available only for the iPhone and the iPad, Awesome Note 2 is the best application for note keeping out there! It is completely customizable, passcode lock, custom background, note icons, category icons, to-do-lists, calendar, reminders, quick widgets, supports backups, sketching, weather, diary, and lots more! Best part? It syncs with Evernote or iCloud. The app costs $3.99.



1.3. Microsoft OneNote

OneNote is simple. It takes note taking to the next level. OneNote adds notebooks, files, notebook styled notes, file support, easy and friendly experience, and many more! OneNote syncs with your OneDrive account, therefore, it is easier to access your notes from other devices. OneNote is completely free to use.

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2. Meditation & Mindfulness

Meditation is an important part of our lives, doing it might be one of the most important things in a day, you should spend at least 10 minutes to meditate, and clear all your thoughts and focus on things. And if it seems silly to you, trust us, it works more than you think. Please note here, all these applications have a “free” version, but really have in-app purchases so you can get the full version (but it is worth it).

2.1. Calm

The calm app is an application that has been our personal favorite. It is used by a lot of people daily, so they can get their own mindfulness hour. Calm features voice meditations, sleep stories (listen to before you sleep), music (mostly calming sounds) and it’s all new masterclass (people talking about experiences or about important topics). The app is free to download but it has a full access in-app purchase. Calm won Apple’s best app award in 2017.

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2.2. Headspace

Headspace one of many alternatives from the calm application, Headspace is also very good because it gives you day by day notifications about mediating (today’s meditation), it has animations, and it features a kids section, so it might be more suitable if really young kids would be listening to that section as well! Again, the app is free to download but it has a full access in-app purchase.

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3. Learn Something New

Listening or reading other people’s opinions or lectures, might be very helpful to you. It might finally help you find a passage through live’s most difficult obstacles, and it might help you with an idea.

3.1. TED

TED is known for it’s Ted Talks on youtube and Ted X. These talks have inspired a lot of people and they are a lot. TED has created an application that would help you find all of these talks, TED also uploads these talks on YouTube on it’s own channel (and more channels).

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3.2. YouTube

An app we’re sure you already have installed in your phone is YouTube. YouTube is the video sharing platform that enables other people to speak their heart out. On this app, you will be able to not only find Ted Talks, but also people talking about their experiences by themselves. If you are interested in topics such as DIY, Conspiracy Theories, How-To videos, e.t.c, this app is the place for you. It is completely free however in some countries there is YouTube RED, which offers background audio, ad-free and the ability to download any video you want.

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This marks the and of this article, be safe and have a perfect summer!